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I met my husband of 14 years on a Lavalife, and while that might not be the most popular site anymore, the experience is still the same. I was coming off of a long stretch of being alone. I had a solitary job and was a recent transplant to the area. My sister wrote me up a snappy profile, found some super cool pictures from my performing days, and we were good to dating husband.

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One day, my six-year-old son turned to me, and asked a question that has changed the course of my marriage. This comment made my heart stop.


The truth is, my husband Mike and I were fighting all of the time. We had become numb to the fact that our fights were getting louder, more frequent and happening a lot in front of our. How did we get here?

I had some weird first dates.

This was my best friend that I was at constant war with. The love of my life. The father of my children. We first met through mutual friends at the end of high school. Although we were polar opposites, there was something that immediately drew us together.

Whether we were hanging out dating husband friends, snowboarding, having a lazy movie marathon, or just goofing off, we were inseparable.

Why i am dating my husband again

Back when we were dating… young, in love and care-free. Six years later, we bought a house and got married. We had already been through some tough stuff by that point, including illness and long distance. We were such a strong unit and our friendship, that was at the core of our relationship, was still just as strong. Soon after getting married, we seemed to have one devastating hurdle after another. We dating husband our beloved puppywhich made us feel like we had failed at our first experience as parents.

Then, after becoming parents to our son, he had a really difficult time, struggling with sensory issues and a language delay. New parents — photo by Blue Bird Creative. Our second child, was a little unplanned. Although she was a much needed ray of sunshine, we were so burnt out from our son, that our love of parenting was dissapearing and we were just going through the motions.

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Family of four — photo by Blue Bird Dating husband. These events felt like waves crashing down on us. Just as we were able to pick ourselves up, another wave would come crashing down on us, throwing us to the ground. Finally, for a little while, things were calm. We went without any major crisis for about a year. During that time we each worked on ourselves.

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Although Mike and I were going on the occasional date, we relied on the fact that our relationship had always been very relaxed. We enjoyed watching TV together after our kids were in bed, and that seemed to be enough. Little did we realize that we were drifting apart. We experienced one year of secondary infertility, with two early miscarriages. Found out we were expecting spontaneous dating husband and the life-alterning pregnancy that followed.


The financial strain of adding two new members to our family, mostly because of the help we needed to hire to survive. All of the ups and downs of not only navigating newborn dating husbandbut getting used to the new family dynamic of having four. Mike, getting used to a new commute for work that was keeping him on the road for three hours a day. Going viral with my blog and being in the spotlight. Giving multiple interviews a day for two weeks straight. Trying to find our footing once the press tapered off.

Finally, our four-year-old suddenly started going through an extreme period of anxiety dating husband we had to help her find her way out of the darkness. Family of six — photo by Sarah Martin Photography. We were so beyond stressed that I was coping by pulling away and immersing myself in my work, and constantly getting breaks by going out with friends.


Mike was becoming increasingly irritable, short tempered and impatient. I found myself dreading Mike coming home from work, and for the first time in the fourteen years we had been together, I was starting to picture what life would be like if we were apart. After I told Mike what Holden had said, he was dating husband. We both were. From that point on, we decided to communicate way more. Be on the same team. Let the little things go, and be more in tune with what kind of support the other person needed. But the biggest realization we had was that, through all of those waves.

Through all of the crisis we had experienced, we had solely been relying on our history, our strong foundation and friendship to be enough. Our relationship was always on the back burner. Mike and I have gone back to dating husband. We have a babysitter that comes every Thursday evening so we can go out.

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Sometimes we plan something more elaborate, and other times we spontaneously choose a restaurant as we walk out the door. But dating husband single time we go out, we connect. We communicate and we listen to each other. Although we had never fallen out of love, we have a new relationship.

We repaired the cracks in our foundation and started on an addition.

Dating your spouse

Most of all, we are on the same. Now, when we ask our son about having a family one day, although there is still no pressure he excitedly tells us dating husband would love to be married and have four kids — just like us. Note: Mike helped write portions of this post. We both thought this was a very important story to tell.


It is so refreshing to read such honest and probably hard-to-write words. Moms of four rarely talk about problems in their marriage. I, personally, am under the false belief dating husband that we must have the perfect marriage or at least pretend to have one because we have.

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Knowing both of you and being the same age, my wife and i have realized that we are feeling the same way. Reading this post has brought some serious clarity dating husband the situation that my wife and i are quickly falling into.

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Thank you for posting this and verbalizing how things can change when life happens but most importantly, that there dating husband hope to bring it back. Joanna, my wife wants to be friends with you…. Thanks so much Kyle and wife! I am so glad that our story impacted you.

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Yes, definitely shake things up and make sure you get out. We still love our TV series. I will for sure dating husband out couchtuner. That would be great to cross paths, and I will totally be friends with your wife.

Now, go dating husband plan your date! Although I would normally be way to young to read such a family story I am 15I still loved how you wrote this post! Wonderful post! Too often couples focus on the children at the expense of growing their relationship not realizing that their children feel much more secure when Mommy and Daddy are happy together. How brave of you both to write this post. I think to many people give up on their marriage without even trying.

My husband likes to workout at our local gym.