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To go Dutch or not to go Dutch—that is the question. You are dating ettiquette finishing up that last sip of coffee and nipping that final, solitary nibble of tiramisu. Then the dreaded moment arrives: the bill. And your idiot server puts it exactly in the middle of the table. You continue your conversation as if the glowing leather folder were invisible. Except you are no longer listening to what your date is saying.

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In these increasingly casual timessome of the nuances of being a good date are being left behind.

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Knowing what to do dating ettiquette and more importantly what not to do — on a date can make all the difference. So learn how to be a more polite person and avoid these dating etiquette mistakes. There are a lot of ways that dating has changed since you were a teenbut one major way is that things are a lot more uncertain nowadays.

Everyone gets busy, we totally understand that.

Assuming any one-on-one hangout is a date

An activity like going rock dating ettiquette, spending the night at a comedy club or trying out a new sushi place may sound like a lot of fun to you, but not everyone enjoys these things. Nobody wants to be in dating ettiquette ball gown at a fast-casual chainwearing jeans at a Michelin-star restaurant or rocking a turtleneck at a night club. This should go without saying, but if you and your date are meeting at a restaurant or other mutual location, make every single effort to be there on time. Get ready for your date well in advance, check for traffic and leave early if at all possible.

Being late for an engagement is rude to your guest and shows an inherent lack of regard for their time.

1. be punctual

Pushing your ideas about dating ettiquette onto another person is rude. If you really feel strongly about a certain dish on the menu, suggest it casually but leave the final decision up to your date to avoid an awkward situation. To show your date the extent of your adoration and interest, be sure to make eye contact. This is an easy and great way to make a great impression on your date.

A lie is a lie, no matter how far into your relationship you are.

2. it is the little things that count

There are a few topics that you should never discuss on dating ettiquette date: politics, religion and money, for instance. However, nothing puts a damper on an evening quite like a discussion about your finances or the White House. We get it. Be sure to ask your date about themselves.

And please, be genuinely invested in what they have to say. You want to keep your conversation natural. Not talking at all.

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Either way, it would be smart to brush up on your small talk skills rather than sit there in awkward silence. It would be a shame to sour a good conversation by making basic etiquette mistakesso engage your best habits.

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Remember to put your napkin in your lapkeep your elbows off the table, chew with your mouth closed, and set down your silverware when you start to talk. There are a lot of reasons to have a glass of wine every dayand going out on a date is just one of those dating ettiquette. Treat your date how you would like to be treated or better.

Don't: bring up anything too heavy in your initial chat

In theory, the person who initiated the date should pick up the check. So even if you feel uncomfortable with that situation as the second party, perhaps you can reach for the check but then let it slide. And please, for the sake of others around you, try to avoid PDA.

Not every date is a love connection. Just be dating ettiquette about it.

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How Etiquette Has Changed Since the '90s. Search Term. Home Entertain Etiquette. Carolyn Menyes.

Scheduling a date, rescheduling and rescheduling again

Assuming any one-on-one hangout is a date. Scheduling a date, rescheduling and rescheduling again. Picking a divisive activity. Dressing inappropriately. Being fashionably late. Ordering for your date. Staring at your phone.

Do: start by showing interests in their interests

Avoiding eye contact. Discussing uncomfortable topics.

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Talking exclusively about yourself. Interrogating your date. Forgetting basic table manners.

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Getting drunk. Being unkind or discourteous. Fighting for the check. Assuming you can get intimate.

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Not leaving when maybe you should.