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The older I get the more I like being on my own. This is not a bad thing as I spend the vast majority of my time a ctually alone. I work from home and I live alone.

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Of course, that is a complete lie, and after a decade of singledom, I decided that enough was enough. So, I embarked on 52 First Dates; a quest to go on one date per week for a year maximum until I found the one. I mean, how can you expect to meet your soulmate if you only go on a few dates every year?

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You have to either be extremely lucky, happy with staying single, or — in the worst scenario — you have to settle. As luck would have it, Date 10 aptly named Mr Toronto as he flew from Canada for a date was the one. Next May,my 52 First Dates saga will dating a hermit to the ultimate end — marriage. I went out with one clear goal; to find a husband. And I have! So folks, if I can do it, you can! Get out there, meet as many people as you can and one day, that soulmate will pop into your life and change it for the better, forever.

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Over the past year Mr T. Get in! But, there was one thing bugging me all along, where could this go? Luckily for me again, Mr T is But, today he got it back and there, stamped neatly in its s, was the visa, all approved, all ready to go from December 1st I have to say, getting the visa was highly dating a hermit, largely because there is no official to ask and no official to check your documents. We made mistakes.

We fucked up a few times. Today, I said it. I told Mr T I loved him. The thing is, with a L ong distance relationship, the L ove word is very easy to throw around. Nor can I believe that it happened so quickly; Date 10 after all. Claire is now on Date To be honest, I think you might have found me hanging by a noose if I was on level pegging. Ok, the physical issue is enough to drive ones horn to a permanent erection, but with the blessed iPhone, Toronto is just a phonecall away. Apple has pretty much solved by dating disaster. Milestone One; You start dating. Milestone Two; You say Love.

Milestone Three; You Move in? You Get Married? I do know that for a long distance relationship to progress, something has to change dating a hermit that its no longer a long distance relationship. But, whatever happens, I set out on 52FirstDates to find a husband.

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And, now it seems, I might have only gone and bloody well found one! Oh, how wrong I was. Long distance relationships seems like they could be a modern thing. Yes, next generation transport has made the world a smaller place, but you can look at it the other way too that, as you got back in time, distance is all relative to the speed and ease of the transport you have.

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Think of wars too, dating a hermit men were sent away, often for months and years, yet they managed to maintain their love affairs; distance really does make the heart grow fonder. So, having now entered into a long distance relationship, I can truly say that my mind has been changed. In fact, for a hermit like me, having my space but being able to text, chat and call my beau is a God send. Of course, I miss him and think of a time when we can be together, but having the distance maintains the spark and freshness for the entire thing.

The first ten really were an exciting journey of highs and lows. Date 1 saw me snogging the face off a very hot but young Cypriot lad, and though we both made plans to see each other again, nothing further came. The more people you meet, the more you realise when a spark really is a spark rather than a vague ember. This week has been rather a rollercoaster. At the start, the dark clouds of depression began to roll in, making me feel inadequate, dating a hermit and fog filled.

We texted daily, he called me a couple of times, we shared more than a few intimate photos, but I never thought it would come to anything, I mean, he lives on the other side of the world.

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But Mr Toronto is intense, intense enough to fly across the pond to come and see me in London. Intense enough to scare me a little as a certain good friend knows. But though I may have been a little wary dating a hermit first, his persistence paid off because date 10 started on Monday afternoon and finished only a few short hours ago!

It was good reading fodder for his journey, and a few questions out of the way and all was fine. Our dating ideas were changed rather due to his accommodation plans falling through, and after creating enough fireworks for the entire street to think Eid had come early, I persuaded Mr T not to look for a hotel; as long as he got out of my way in the day so I could work, he could stay the week.

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And so, an unexpected holiday romance began. He cooks. He has an incredible body, one which makes me feel out of shape rather.

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I love that he has the dedication to keep his faith, yet the independence to not be led by it. I love that I was completely myself for the entire week and felt like a best friend, but of course with benefits, was in the house. So, what next?! Would I move for love? Is this love?

This week’s issue

Mr Toronto makes my heart smile, and the last thing I want to do right now is go on a new first date. As such, there may be a stop gap in proceedings whilst we work out where this might head.

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Not that this is a bad thing mind you. With my long list of criteria, being forced to meet alternatives is a good thing. But, having had two dates not go so dating a hermit, I was feeling a little dismal. I decided to be productive for Date 9 as, though we had spoken for many months on Grindr, no date had ever been set and I was wondering if I might, like 5, have a last minute cancel. So, I headed into town — shopping, reading in the park and the six monthly sexual health MOT was in order — though perhaps the latter might not be the best idea just before you supposed to be going on a date if bad news is received.

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Getting free condoms from the health clinic is one thing, but having them in Soho bars is surely far better for the safe sex messageI headed off with slight anticipation for the latest man in my life. Also, his love of tea scores brownie points, and when you factor in a love for a good strong cuppa after a pissup before bed, there a major points involved.

I complimented his bum when he jumped off for the overground, he complimented mine by text a few minutes later. I really hope I see him again, because I could have quite happily spend the entire night chatting away.

And its safe to be said, any amount of unexciting dates dating a hermit worth the feeling that I have right now.

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They say that if you fail, try try again, and after Saturdays dismal failure I was very keen to get another date in pronto. However, whilst he had a great body and was South Asian so just my type, with 52 First Dates a bid to find love, the last thing I needed was another notch on my bed post and a new fuck buddy to confuse my befuddled head. The date was good, but interluded with quite a few moments of silence. We sat side by side on a bench outside a pub looking out at screaming police vans, not exactly good body language from the outset. dating a hermit

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Some potential f-buddies are simply not suitable for more than bed bouncing, a fact that was clear by our lack of mutual interests, his seriousness compared to my silliness, and the fact that our lives dating a hermit vastly different. After strolling the streets around Spitalfields hunting looters — we found none, though the police presence was high — I thought that I might get a darkened alleyway snog just for snogs sake. So, an enjoyable evening came to an end.

Yes, we chatted like old friends, but being worried he was going to dating a hermit in for the kiss, in addition to looking in the toilet mirror hlafway through the date and asking myself whether I fancied my date or not, probably reveals my disappointed answer. I liked date 6 a lot, and I suppose I was trying to create a spark. A Grindr find, date 7 was a Middle Eastern Aussie. He was hot. He seemed fairly upfront and honest, and after he failed to find any Bel Ami boys on his holiday in Prague we decided to meet up.

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He was still hot, still Aussie, still Middle Eastern, but I could tell that our approach to life differed hugely. The most notable occurrence of the date was that there was a squashed fly on the window by our cafe seats; slightly off putting when ur trying to enjoy tea, cake and some stagnant conversation.

Dating a hermit though dates were rolling to start with, the past few weeks have been a little stagnant to say the least.

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However, Claire and I seem to be mirroring each other, and she too has had difficulties. Whether luck was on our sides, or the simple motivation of her sixth date last night spurred me on, I finally managed to confirm a lovely six for tonight. I met Date dating a hermit on Gay Romeo, a new site suggested by a twitter friend. Sardinian, 27, independent and a great smile. Saying that, a slight blip in my highly strict criteria was much needed. Being both east end boys we decided to skip the suffocating atmosphere of central London and instead head to Canary Wharf.

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And having never been there in my 12 London years I was amazed how nice it was. Date 6 was beaming constantly. Funny and with sparkling eyes his thick Italian accent made it a little difficult to understand at times.