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Want inspiration for a fun, adventurous night on the town? With these scavenger hunt date night ideas, you can reconnect in the fun and carefree way that you once did. This scavenger hunt is one that you and your spouse will complete as a team. The idea is to choose things that are slightly obscure so they are more fun to find. Decide where you can drive to find the items and then hit the road. Up the ante by making a bet on who can spot the most scavenger hunt items first.

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Goodwill® date night scavenger hunt

Written by Jenn Gordon. But, how many of you are actually going the extra mile to execute play into your love relationships?


For anyone who is willing to put forth the effort into creating a different date night experience, this feature is for you. On second thought, many of us can also use a break from the traditional date night. Dinner and a movie.

2. consider what and if you want to include gifts.

Cocktails and dinner. Yada Yada Yada. And on top of that, being single and dating in Asheville is difficult enough without having to brave boring date nights. Especially a first date.


First dates can often seem like a job interview. Excruciating, frightening, and many times unsettling.


The flirtatious excitement of it will battle any nervousness that come with meeting for the first time. And you know what?


Asheville makes it easy to be imaginative. Yes, I am in the dating pool of Asheville and it has been uneventful, to say the least.


First drinks then we eat. Sometimes it feels as if it lacks creativity and it certainly can take away from your ability to shine for that first encounter. Well, I recently had the most amazing first date. One that was off-the-charts fun and should be written about in the dating history books.

This person upgraded the effort into planning a unique first date for us because; A they were taking out a person who writes about Asheville Date Nights and B They are a creative, romantic person who truly wanted to impress. Are you kidding me?

Easy romantic scavenger hunt

Where has this person been my whole life? They planned a scavenger hunt so that I had to use my Asheville city skills to follow the clues eventually leading me to their location. A hide-and-seek way of kicking off a first date. It was so clever, thoughtful, and felt like such a refreshing way to experience fun in our city.

Keep it simple.

Cheap and romantic? yes please!

Take the time to pick four to five downtown establishments to leave hand-written clues with giving instructions on where to go next. Maybe have the person collect items along the way compiling one memorable gift giving you brownie points in their heart.

We all have smartphones. Ice breaker! What did this person create for me?


Enveloped notes left at five different stops beginning at a central parking garage with a cute pocket compass to assist me in my travels. Not that I knew how to use the darn thing. Each envelope was left with a bartender or employee giving me the clues to my next stop. Naturally, I made new friends along the way which made it even more fun for me.


At Foggy Mountain Brew Puban Asheville locals favorite, I had a shot of Tequilla with four strangers who were blown away with the idea of a scavenger hunt first date. They happily sent me off to my next stop wishing me luck. Off to the Green Mansion. Easy to find and I love Green Man beer. So, a win,win! I would have stayed for a pint but I was too eager to find this person.

Waiting for me there were three tasty rewards matching the clues from my notes.


Wanting to be on my best behavior, I was in need of an antidote for all this euphoria. Who was sitting rooftop waiting for me? My clever, handsome first date. And the rest is history.


Are you interested in recreating this out-of-the-ordinary adventure for a date night? Asheville has wonderful resources right at your fingertips. Asheville Detoursfor example, will plan the perfect scavenger hunt for you and your date to experience together taking over the planning process where all you have to do is show up. There are also many online websites that will help you facilitate your scavenger hunt date night. So what are you waiting for?

Plan a dynamic date with a romantic scavenger hunt!

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