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al Mountain Lodge is proud to support the National Park Service Every Kid Outdoors program by offering our 4th and 5th-grade lodging and camping guests who hold an Every Kid Outdoors Pass a complimentary float trip for the child who has the pass! Please note that for the National Park Service has extended this program to 5th grade students as so many 4th grade students missed out on the opportunity in due to the Covid pandemic. For more details on reservations for the al Mountain Lodge Scenic Float trip please at You'll have an opportunity to see beautiful date for float trip, seasonal wildflowers, and possible sightings of deer, elk, moose, bald eagles, and other wildlife.

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Western river rates and dates - availability updates

Experience a multi-day float trip on the Smith River if you are lucky enough to draw a permit in the annual lottery. Noted for its spectacular scenery and renowned trout fishing, the Smith River is unique with only one public put-in and take-out site for the entire 59 miles.

Smith River State Park offers gorgeous date for float trip in a remote setting. Renowned trout fishing is just one of the recreational opportunities that make a float trip on the mile Smith River an unforgettable experience. The Smith River is so popular that a permit is required to float it.

The permit process allows visitors a quality, multi-day float in relative solitude. The river is accessible only by non-motorized watercraft, including; rafts, canoes, kayaks and drift boats. Rowers and paddlers should have at least intermediate level skills. On average, visitors take four days to float the river.

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From May 15 - July 15 floaters can stay on the river a maximum of four nights only. To help preserve the unique quality of the Smith River canyon, overnight camping must take place at deated boat camps. Since the Smith River flows through a remote canyon, there are some things to keep in mind for this adventure; there are no public services from Camp Baker to Eden Bridge. Floaters must carry their own food, water, safety, camping equipment and a fishing.


It is advisable to bring all the drinking water you will need for the duration of your trip, as there is no drinking water available at the put-in location of Camp Baker. Also, Camp Baker does not have trash dumpsters, but one is available at the Eden Bridge takeout point along with aluminum-recycling bins. FWP will notify successful applicants by. FWP does not notify unsuccessful permit applicants. Lottery are also available here.

Those who receive a permit will be contacted by phone two days prior to their launch date to complete the registration process, which includes declaring boat camps and paying the appropriate floats fees. In addition to the regular private float trip permits, FWP issues one Super Permit date for float trip year through a separate lottery see information below. The recipient of the permit will be allowed to launch on any date of their choosing for that year. Montana Date for float trip Parks issues one Super Permit each year through a separate lottery.

The recipient of the Super Permit will be allowed to launch on any date of their choosing for that float season. The opportunity to purchase chances for the Smith River "Super Permit" will be available from January 4th through April 1st, The Super Permit drawing will be announced on April 2nd, This is a good option for another chance for a float, if you aren't awarded a permit in the regular drawing.

The float season varies widely depending on snow pack, rainfall and amount and timing of irrigation. A permit and payment of fees is required to float the Smith River year-round. Stay safe!


Permits and fees are required to float the mile section of river between Camp Baker and Eden Bridge; permits are issued annually through a lottery. For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions below or apply for a permit through the lottery, using the button directly beneath the images at the top of the. for the Smith River fee table. Floating the Smith River requires careful planning and preparation. The following are questions that FWP personnel are often asked. A permit and payment of fees is required to float year-round. River Rangers will call permit holders, in a randomly selected order, between and pm MDT to complete the registration process, which includes listing party members and and type of watercraft, choosing boat camps and paying float fees via credit card.

Float groups will be expected to arrive at Camp Baker date for float trip the day of their scheduled launch date no later than pm MDT to receive their copy of the registration form, boat tags, river maps and floater log and to receive the mandatory ranger safety and orientation talk. What is the procedure once I arrive at Camp Baker?


Upon arrival on the day of your scheduled launch date, locate an unoccupied area in the grass island between the two boat launches where you can socially distance from other float groups. A river ranger will greet you and deliver your packet of materials which includes a copy of your registration form, boat tags, river maps and a floater log. The ranger will present the mandatory safety and orientation talk at some point prior to your launch.

Please do not occupy the boat ramp s until you have received your packet of materials, listened to the ranger safety date for float trip orientation talk and are prepared to launch. Prep boats and gear, as much is possible, in the grassy island staging areas. Due to the lack of space to park boats once loaded, please be prepared to shove off ASAP.

Smith river floater information packet

Launching loaded boats from a trailer is possible at both ramps, but best from the downstream boat ramp. Hand launching boats is best done from the upstream boat ramp. Please do your best to share the ramp s and respect other users. How many days does it take to float the Smith River? The float is 59 river miles from Camp Baker put-in to Eden Bridge take-out. On average, floaters take four days to float. Factor in probable river flows, distances you wish to cover each day and the type of experience you are seeking.

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Is there a limit to the of nights allowed on the Smith River? During the peak season of May 15 through July 15, floaters are limited to a maximum of four nights camping. The four-night limit includes nights spent at private cabins or guest ranches. Layover nights two or more nights at the same camp are permitted at mid-canyon boat camps Two Creek to Upper Parkerhowever, only one layover night is permitted during the high use season May July Can we camp and fish anywhere on the Smith River?

Of the miles of shoreline along the river, only 26 miles are public land. The boat camps are ed and marked on the Smith River maps, which are distributed at Date for float trip Baker upon registration. Please camp only at the deated boat camps.


The Montana Stream Access law allows walking and fishing along the river within the ordinary high-water mark. As a courtesy to landowners, please refrain from stopping in front of cabins and homes along the river. Camp Baker is available for all Smith River floaters and their families to stay overnight prior to beginning their float. What type of fish are in the Smith River? The Smith River is predominantly a rainbow and brown trout fishery.

Whitefish are also common. Please note that fishing s are not sold at Camp Baker but may be purchased in the nearby town of White Sulphur Springs. What special regulations apply to floating the Smith River? Regulations specific to the Smith River can be found on 9. State Park Public Use Regulations also apply in the corridor pertaining to littering, fires, firearms, fireworks, disorderly conduct and the prohibition of drones. If this is the date for float trip, the fence must meet required specifications.

However, this fence is more applicable to use in situations involving longer term base camps date for float trip the fence is in place for several days. Learn more ways you can Be Bear Aware. Is there a maximum group size for floating parties? Yes, maximum group size for private and outfitted groups is 15 people. What services are offered on the Smith River? The Smith flows through a remote canyon. There are no public services from Camp Baker to Eden Bridge.

You must carry all your own food, water, safety and camping equipment and fishing. It is advisable to bring all the drinking water you will need for the duration of your trip, as there is no drinking water available at Camp Baker.

There are no trash dumpsters at Camp Baker, but two are available at the Eden Bridge takeout along with an aluminum-recycling center. You can obtain supplies, overnight accommodations, gasoline, water and information at White Sulphur Springs on date for float trip way to the put-in. You should top-off your gas tank while in White Sulphur Springs. Cascade, Great Falls and Ulm are the closest services to the Eden Bridge takeout, with gas stations at each town.

Can I hire a person to perform services for me during my float trip Example: Row gear boat, cook meals, camp set-up etc. Hiring a person, group or organization to perform any type of service for compensation during a private permitted float trip on the Smith River is illegal outfitting.

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There are seven 7 commercial outfitters who are authorized and permitted by Montana State Parks and the United States Forest Service to conduct commercial float trips on the Smith River. However, these outfitters are allocated a specific of launches on specific days throughout the float season and conduct fully outfitted float trips for persons not possessing a private float permit.


They are not authorized to provide specific services for private permit holders. There is one section of class II whitewater at river mile 47 and several sections of class II whitewater at mile The current of the river can sweep you into sheer rock walls and in higher flows, eddies can be very strong.

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In addition, floaters may encounter float gates, downed trees and pieces of fence torn loose by high water. You should possess, at a minimum, intermediate rowing or paddling skills before floating the Smith. Secure all equipment tightly in your boat and carry your gear in waterproof bags or boxes.