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Some big cities like New York and Los Angeles are now offering outdoor comedy shows to keep you safely laughing through this weird and uncertain time. Laughter and comedy always bring people together. Win, win! Take your love to new heights with an indoor rock climbing wall.

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Make your own hot chocolate. Instead of buying the premixed packets at the store make your own from scratch just the way you like it! Add some marshmallows, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and sprinkles, or whatever your favorite toppings are.

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Build a gingerbread house with only things you already have in your home. See how creative the two of you can get with what you have lying around. The final product could be hilarious. Make your own chocolate fondue. Heat up some chocolate in your own house and start dipping away. Play the board games you have that are collecting dust in the house.

Make it a fun competition with a prize.

22 fun & cute winter date ideas for couples

The winner should get to pick something for the other person cool winter date ideas do for the night, or a week, to spice things up a bit. Go ice skating together. Find out when open skate is and hit the ice with your partner. Hold hands and laugh at and with each other as you almost fall over a couple times. Check out ice sculptures. Go to a hockey game. Hockey games are a fun way to get out and do something without breaking the bank. Build a project together. Dedicate a night to working on a project with your partner. Dollar menu dates.

Read a book together

Everyone knows fast food is unhealthy but there are those times you want nothing more than to indulge in some chicken nuggets. Instead of spending lots of money on dinner, hit up the drive-thru of your favorite fast cool winter date ideas place and order only from the dollar menu, then come home and enjoy your feast before cool winter date ideas everything. Go on a Groupon date. Go sledding. Sledding was the highlight of winters during childhood, so feel a little nostalgic and hit the hills to go sledding again this winter. Make breakfast for dinner.

Sometimes the weekends can be hectic so instead of trying to plan a relaxing breakfast on the weekend, come home after work and cook breakfast for dinner together. Let him make the bacon and eggs, you can make the pancakes, or whatever system works for you. You can, of course, still throw in some mimosas and have a little weeknight party in the kitchen.

Go to your local, or favorite, book store and find something that you will both enjoy. Go on an outdoor weekend getaway. Take a mini road trip and spend the day outside exploring areas you might not have been to before. See where it le you.


Pretend the power is out. Light all the candles in the dark house, play a board game you found or make up your own game. Invite another couple over to you in your fake power outage and make the most of it. Host a cookie exchange party. Invite a few of your friends over and have everyone make cookies to exchange. Build a fort and have a living room sleepover in it. Grab all your blankets and build a fort in the living room and stay there the whole night. Your bedroom cool winter date ideas so routine but changing up where you sleep for a night can be really fun.

Do an at-home workout video together. Go on a winter hike. Hiking in the snow is tough but the views are gorgeous and so different than hikes in the summer. Decorate a tree together. Either pick out a real tree or set up your fake tree together. Then decorate it together, have your partner help you hang the ornaments and string the lights. Learn how to knit. If you get good enough you can even knit your own blanket.

Grab your stick and roast the marshmallows over the flame. Look through old yearbooks or photo albums. Have a good laugh over your pasts together. Make cocktail creations. Google some recipes and put all those bottles that are sitting on top of your fridge to use to make some festive creations. Go to a paint and sip night. There are usually great deals on paint and sip nights so do some searching first for coupons then book your seats! Host cool winter date ideas own paint and sip at home.

Most craft stores have canvas sets for pretty cheap.


Buy a set, some paint and go home to have your own paint and sip night. Find a picture you really like and try to create it yourselves. Drive around and check out the holiday lights.

The perfect winter date ideas for a first (or th) date

Head to the zoo. There are usually free nights at the zoo in winter since it is slower, but the animals are typically more active in the cold. It will be a fun way to get out of the house and not spend a lot of money, if you spend any at all! Try snowshoeing. Snowshoeing is a fun way to be active in the winter and still get outside.

Host a party and have everyone bring a dish. Build a snowman.

50 cute winter first date ideas (never fear we have you covered!)

Get all bundled up and hit the yard to make a snowman. Dress him or her in extra scarves and hats that you have lying around. Check out a local aquarium or museum in your city. Sometimes the last hour or half hour has free admission! Karaoke night. Stay in or go out to local bar that hosts karaoke at sing your hearts out together to your favorite song.

Do couples yoga. Find a YouTube video for beginners and test out cool winter date ideas acro yoga skills. Make sure to record it in case something hilarious happens, or you nail it. Bake yummy holiday treats! The best part of the holidays is all the sweets. Plan your next few months. Sit down together and look at your calendars.


Head to a craft store. You can pick up supplies to make your own holiday decorations or ornaments. De your own holiday card.

50 fun, cheap dates that are perfect for winter

Use your favorite de website to create your own holiday cards to send out to your friends and family. After all, everyone loves getting snail mail. Pick out a gift for someone in need.


The best part of winter is giving and doing something for those in need. Pick out a gift for in need together.

17 fun winter date ideas to try when the cold weather strikes

Cuddle by the fire. Go window shopping. Window shopping can be fun walking through town under the lights checking out all the little hand crafted items with your partner. You could look for gifts to give your loved ones and even come up with some creative ideas to make yourselves.


Go to a trivia night at a bar.