Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Event Review

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So the event ended, and I wanted to give you all an update of what you missed out, or what you may have seen! A total of 50 people attended the event that lasted over 2 days.

The First day was all about presentation we had a total of 6 speakers.

First off was MVP Steef-Jan Wiggers from The Netherlands

He had a good presentation about the Adapter Pack and its uses, people were amazed and payed good attention, I didn’t see a laptop nor a phone in use! There is no problem seeing that Steef-Jan has done a lot of presentation, confident and well prepared! Steef-Jan is my best friend in the BizTalk community and if you missed the chance to see him you can come visit the both of us next time he is in Bergen for a beer or two.

MVP Sandro Pereira from Portugal


Sandro had a good presentation about EDI and Azure. It’s amazing to see the capabilities and how simple it is to integrate with the cloud, however more functionality is coming and at the moment it’s not mature enough to take over for BizTalk. Sandro holds a lot of information regarding both BizTalk, EDI and Azure. He is one of the key guys in the BizTalkCrew. He was supposed to go first, but due to some hardware issues he went up second, with working labs and a great smile!

Third was me, however I did not have a picture of myself.. 🙂 I usually don’t like to see pictures of myself, so I’ll save you the hassle to not bring it up here. I did a talk about the importance and the capabilities with Thresholds and throttling, how it can be utilized and how good it really is, one of the key functionality to BizTalk if you ask me.

Fourth was MVP Saravana Kumar from the UK with his BizTalk360 talk!20120930-215420.jpg

Saravana got a new problem with his slides (not that they were updated) but the is so much functionality in BizTalk that only bringing out some of it is possible in the 45 minutes the session lasts. Saravana really had a lot of people feeling the glory to have a tool like this, my managers went crazy and came over to me during the presentation saying “Why aren’t we selling more of this, it’s a revolution when it comes to monitoring BizTalk”. And those words are true, it’s a great key product when it comes to monitoring BizTalk.

Fifth was community member Lex Hegt from The Netherlands!


He had some problems with his notes in the beginning but all went well, talking about user cases and user stories from different clients running BizTalk360 his 10 min talk gave a few insights in the different clients and their uses of BizTalk360.

Last but maybe the one that made the most people laugh, Crazy BizTalk MVP Nino Crudele from Italy20120930-215408.jpg

Nino did his talk about assessment and doing it all correct, great talk with a lot of good scenarios, even providing a document as a guideline to show some more on how a setup and documentation should be.

people were laughing and having a lot of fun, this was Ninos’ first english presentation on BizTalk, he was scared about his “bad english” however he had nothing to be afraid of and did a wonderful presentation.

I did a quick wrap-up and some information on what happens next with BizTalk. Ensuring everyone that BizTalk is safe and that they will still have their BizTalk jobs for many years.

After this we had a few hours break with some beers and wine and ended up with dinner, our managers were waiters, gave us wine and cleaned the table (where do Bouvet find some amazing managers).20120930-215355.jpg

Second day was all about hands on labs, and the attendees had the opportunity to meet all the people face2face and discuss their issues, and information regarding issues or questions regarding what they currently worked on or problems they had for years. Nino resolved a 2-year-old issue in 5 minutes right into production, amazing!

The whole thing was built by the BizTalkCrew and community Bouvet helped out with the money and venue, and that we are very happy for, so thank you to Bouvet and the entire BizTalkCrew!

So over to the other side of fun!

The event was in Stavanger, however I live 25 minutes by plane to Bergen, or 4 hours with a speedboat, we took the speedboat to see some more, Lex saw a lot of nice scenery, while Nino and Sandro fell asleep (MVPs….)…


We got home to my place around 10pm and Alfa (my better half) made us some late night snack and a few beer later we all went to bed to be ready for day 2 in Bergen, or at Voss to do some rafting, I still remember Sandro starting out claiming he couldn’t swim or his foot hurt, however he got warm pretty quick and started asking for “grade 6 rapids” which is like suicide rapids. There is a rumor that BizTalk MVPs are crazy, and that is true.

20120930-215315.jpgOnly three could come to Bergen with me, Steef-Jan and Saravana had to go back home, so a nice photo of the last MVP Nino, MVP Sandro and Community member Lex. (see it was sun in Bergen)


I would like to end this blog post by saying thank you to the BizTalkCrew and Community Member Lex Hegt, I would also thank my company Bouvet for helping us out with this!

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