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The language of love is a little more complicated than we thought! With the help of relationship expert Amanda Lambros, one writer set out to untangle her body language and increase her chances of a successful date. On a recent dateI thought with my Italian-waving octopus hands were making my intentions very clear.

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Lockdown's lifting, the pubs are opening and your love life is set to go from virtual meeting to beer garden hot date potential. Behavioural profiler Lily Walford reveals the five body language als to look out for now we can all get 1-metre cosy.


Dating in was confusing and frustrating enough, and then along came a pandemic to throw a massive spanner-shaped curveball at our love lives. But before you go racing to the beer garden with Tinder in hand, take stock about what lockdown forced us to do.

18 body language clues that say he's interested — definitely

It forced us to slow down and realise the importance of genuine connections and having people around who care. I was stuck in the cycle of dating the same self-centred men, had my heart broken a few times and I was even stalked for five years. These experiences allowed me to reflect on the red flags I missed. Fuelled by my passion, I trained as a behavioural profiler with mentoring from industry leaders.

Could your unconscious body language be sabotaging your dating life?

The easiest thing you can look out for with on date is blink rate. Regularity of blink rate can al interest levels in your conversation. A lot of body language alling is subconscious and a dead giveaway. Take fear and stressfor instance, it prompts us to protect our arteries. When we feel threatened, even emotionally, we change body language during dating body to protect vulnerable areas, such as raising shoulders, arms pressing against the torso or fingers curling into the hand.

Equally, the opposite is true. When someone happy and responsive, their body will open to display physical vulnerability.

Read on for three ways you may be pushing your dates away with your body language—without even realizing it.

Relaxation indicates comfort, which is a great your date is genuine. A one-shoulder shrug really is what it sounds like — a shrug with one shoulder.


Equally, hushing can be a of deception. Watch out for gestures such as covering or touching the mouth, an indication they could really be hiding a lie. Now you know these body language als I hope these help you make an informed decision and know when a connection is really genuine. Getty Images.

Body language als men do when they’re secretly and totally into you

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36 body-language s that could mean he’s totally into you

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