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What do tennis star Serena Williams, U. Kamala Harris and businesswoman Mellody Hobson have in common? But despite these real-world examples of interracial relationships, a Pew Research Center report found that black women are the least likely group of women to marry, especially outside of their own race. Despite this, Judice said race was not an important factor for most of the people she interviewed for the book.

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As a girl, liking boys and having relationships is something that society conditions you for at a young age.

Why one sociologist says it’s time for black women to date white men

For me, the set person I am supposed to marry and spend the rest of my life with has to be a Nigerian man. Not any Nigerian man though— a well educated, well rounded Yoruba Nigerian man.


Preferably, someone who is successful and is well off in money, who can make enough to sustain a family and other things. Slight problem with that though…. They say that the people you hang around can describe you as a person.

L.a. affairs: i’m a black woman. he’s a white guy with a pickup truck. here’s what happened

Well, that can also go for who you are attracted to. I grew up in the suburbs of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The majority of my friends were white still arebut I have no problem with that. Having the majority of the boys in my school be white just meant I had to take what I can get. In reality, I was never exposed to the same environment that many other Black people were exposed to.

In fact, sometimes it feels as if Black men are discriminating against me when it comes to dating. We always black girls dating to ask ourselves this one important question:.


Usually, the answer is no. Rarely, it is yes, but with yes multiple other scenarios could happen. The one outcome that we wish for is that you and the guy live happily ever after. That can happen, but it feels rare.

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The most dreaded outcome, however, is that he just sees you and your skin color as a fetish, a trophy that he can place on his shelf. Black women are already stereotyped and generalized which causes many, but not all, Black men to not want to be with us.


Skin color should not be a priority or a deal-breaker— and no one should have their racial identity fetishized. Love is equal, and color is color. Image Credits: Laci Jordansolacilike on Instagram.


Slight problem with that though… …. We always have to ask ourselves this one important question: Is he into Black girls, though? Compliment a dark skin girl without saying chocolate challenge — Precious Thee Angel preciousbeyond September 6, Like this: Like Loading Search for: Begin typing your search above and press return to search.


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