BizTalk 2013 heavy investment for healthcare

Posted: February 23, 2013  |  Categories: Biztalk Uncategorized

If you still think BizTalk is dead I command you to stop thinking this, after the MVP Summit a total of around 10 Integration MVPs (The BizTalk part) Had lots of talks with Microsoft marketing and the product group of BizTalk, and we the clients/users are in for a win!

So for everyone working within medical / hospital / healthcare Microsoft has really put together something great for us!

We all know the MLLP Adapter and the different problems around it. The biggest one is the performance. There are many uses of the MLLP adapter, a lot of companies around the world using the MLLP adapter requires ordered delivery. In the existing adapter it simply consumes one message and ensure it finishes the instance before it starts a new one. A lot like a singleton or a queue.

This is where the changes come. In BizTalk 2013 the BizTalk MLLP Adapter can handle multiple files and still provide ordered delivery. In Microsofts test it shows 300-500% better performance.

This shows the commitment from Microsoft on health care and HL7.

If you haven’t had the time yet go ahead and download BizTalk2013 and play around with it.

There are a lot more performance optimization and configuration improvements, I’ll blog more about this as soon as BizTalk 2013 is officially released since a lot of this still is NDA.

  • orohpine

    We have set up biztalk 2013 R2. To test these ‘improvements’ NOTHING changed at all. You we’re going to blog about it, dit you allready had the time to test this? As far as I can see now there is no improvement it still takes 3 seconds between messages to send out.
    We have really been looking forrward to this but it’s a BIG dissappointment so far.

    • Adam

      Sir. While I appreciate you taking the time to test it i’m going to have to go ahead and disagree with you and assume that you may not of had the best admin’s or developers architect it for you. My experience has been quite positive coming from a 2010 environment, briefly implementing on 2013, and now R2 – the adapter has vastly improved. The delay in receiving sending, again in my own personal experience, has been insanely quick…milliseconds end to end in an extremely high volume environment. We are running over 50 high-volume interfaces in PRODUCTION right now on R2 with over 100 more to migrate over. There are certainly flaws…I disagree with some of the code in the disassembler and validation practices…but it makes sense in certain ways. There are many many ways around these flaws if you have a strong development team then can probably figure it out….OR… brave and just code your own MLLP adapter and disassembler – again not too incredibly difficult and you get the benefit of a powerful engine with custom code supported by any .Net developer out there.

      • Tord Glad Nordahl

        Hi Adam, based on the architecture pre. BizTalk 2013 R2 for the MLLP adapter was not a good fit, performancve wise. We can talk about this one-to-one if you want but the changes are huge, up to 300 times faster.

        Best regards,

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