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What to wear on the first date? And one that our readers have asked us about on several occasions! Source: Addicted2Etsy. Lisa: Always check out the venue online to get a feel for the setting! I always do this for my clients. A great rule of thumb for the first date: Choose a color or outfit that you are often complimented on.

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Picture this: you've just landed a date with the person of your dreams and you are getting ready for the big day. Your hair is beautiful, your makeup is on point, and you are feeling flirty and confident. Now comes the hard part: trying to figure out what to wear! You have a closet full of clothes but nothing seems to be working for you.


More importantly, you aren't sure which outfit you should be throwing together for the type of date you are going on. Sound familiar?

What to wear on a first date

Coming up with the right outfit for a first date can be much more stress-inducing than putting your day-to-day outfit selection together. Are you having trouble finding an outfit that will have the right impact on your date? If so, take a look at this comprehensive first date fashion guide to learn all of the tips that will help you thrive in your chosen outfit as well as on your date.

Fashion is a form of self-expression. Before you begin planning your first date outfit or look for ideas, you need to understand why you are dressing a certain way and how you can get the most out of the outfit you choose. Here are some important things to consider that will play a key role in what you wear for your date. An outfit is an extension of yourself and an expression of your emotions and goals. When you dress up, you should dress to express who you are and what you want to get out of the situation that you are dressing for. In the case of a first date, you are going to want to choose an outfit that makes you feel sexy, happy, and confident.

When you feel best outfit for first date, you look even better! Another important thing to focus on when you are deciding your outfit is your end goal.

What to wear on a first date? we asked the experts!

Are you trying to simply get to know this person for a short time or are you attempting to pursue a long-term relationship with the person you are dating? While you are mostly dressing for yourself, you are still dressing for the person that you are going on a date with.

Keep this in mind when you are going through your clothes and looking for something to wear. When it comes to choosing an outfit for a date, you are not going to be wearing the same outfit that you would wear at a high-class restaurant to a beachside lunch date.


Making sure to dress appropriately is very important on a first date and you should always ask where you are going before you decide on an outfit. You don't want to overdress or underdress and give off the wrong impression. This will also help you to select a comfortable outfit ahead of time.


Location isn't the only thing that you need to take intohowever. The time of day and the atmosphere of the date will dictate your outfit decision as well.


Are you going to be outside or inside? Will be it during the day or the night? Are you in a place where the locals are more serious or are you in a fun, vibrant place? You want to dress to match your surroundings and the mood of the setting.


If you are someone who has a relatively large wardrobe, it can be easy to think you have a piece somewhere in your closet when this isn't actually the case. When you're going on a date, you don't want to be tearing through your wardrobe out the last minute and discover that the outfit you had planned isn't there, which is a familiar situation for many women. You should always check your closet right after you are asked out on a date.

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This way, you have plenty of time to coordinate your outfit before you go on the date and you give yourself enough time to go shopping if there is a piece you need that you do not currently own. Too many accessories can kill an outfit but the right amount can add some extra flair and draw attention to certain areas of your body.

Many women have their everyday accessories that they use to boost their work or casual wear and accessories that they reserve for special occasions. Are there any accessories that you want to wear? Do they match the outfit that you are planning out? If you do plan on adding accessories to your outfit, here are some helpful best outfit for first date that will make sure they work for you rather than against you. When you are planning an outfit out, it can sometimes be difficult to tell whether or not it is a great outfit in the moment.

If you do have something to wear and you don't have to shop for a new outfit that works specifically for the date you are going on, take a look at some of your pieces that have already received compliments from people at work or out in public.


After all, it can be hard to argue with an outfit that is already a crowd favorite. Although there are many amazing outfit ideas out there, not all of them are going to be suited for you and you are definitely not going to want to wear something that you are not comfortable in or something that doesn't reflect who you are.

Remember, your outfit represents you. You should never feel pressured to wear something simply because it is a common fashion choice or because others hold it in high regards. Only wear what is comfortable for you, what feels right to you, and what makes you feel sexy and happy.

If it makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, it is not the right piece for you and it certainly won't make for a great first date outfit. Now that we've taken a look at some of the most important aspects of the date that you should consider before you plan out your first date outfit, we need to discuss what you need best outfit for first date know in order to put together your perfect outfit.


After all, ideas only serve as placeholders. Knowing how to go about planning your clothing choices out is an invaluable skill that will help you dress for many dates to come. If you want to dress well both inside and outside of the dating world, here are the four steps you need to know to make sure that you look great every time. Like a house needs a strong foundation, your outfit is going to be built upon your base.

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What is the base? As you may have already guessed, the base that makes up the first part of your outfit is your bottoms. If you are going to be in a warmer area, you will want to wear looser bottoms or reach for a skirt. If you are going to be best outfit for first date a cooler area and you will most likely be layering up, you should choose a good pair of jeans that can easily be matched with other pieces of your outfit.

If you are wearing a dress, you can move on from this step and move straight into the accessorizing phase of your outfit planning. When you have decided on your bottoms, you are going to want to decide on your top.

11 style mistakes not to make on a first date

Tops can be neutral in nature or can feature a little bit of color and style. However, you are going to want to avoid any tops that attract the bulk of the attention in the outfit. If you remember the accessory tips in the section, having multiple pieces in your outfit that pop out can cause clashing and take away from the outfit. If you are only wearing a base and a top and you are not layering on extra accessories, you can choose a top that has more style and des.

If you plan on wearing extra pieces, however, you will want to make sure that your top doesn't request all of the attention.

What makes a first-date outfit “good”?

After the bottoms and the top have been chosen out, you are going to want to focus on selecting your statement piece. Your statement piece is generally another garment that helps to add a little extra flavor to your outfit. This piece could be anything from a cardigan to a leather jacket. However, you should know once you see it that it undeniably makes a statement. When it comes to statement pieces, you can actually have several statement pieces in your outfit.

What to wear on a first date, according to science

One can be a garment and the other can be an accessory. For example, a large watch, a very attractive necklace, or some dangling earrings can be the extra piece to tie it all together and make your outfit pop. Just make sure that these pieces work well together and don't have to compete with each other.


Do you have your pants, top, and main accessories and garments chosen out? If so, we can move on to the final stage of the outfit planning process: accessories! These pieces, such as your shoes, bag, and minor accessories will all depend upon the main pieces that you have chosen. For shoes, you are going to want to select shoes that match with your outfit but are also comfortable.


If you are going somewhere nice, you are probably going to want to choose out a neutral heel that matches your bottoms and top. If you are going somewhere casual, a nice wedge or a pair of flat will work well. If you're doing anything active or if you plan on going anywhere you may need the support, you should make sure to have a good shoe with you. Moving onto the bag, these are accessories that can truly build upon best outfit for first date outfit without taking too much away from it.

If you are in a casual setting, a larger bag will work just fine and will help to add more comfort to your outfit. With these outfits, you can also choose to use a comfortable handbag with a small strap that keeps things light. For more semi-formal or formal situations, you will want to choose smaller bags or clutches as these purses have an air of sophistication.

Make sure that the function and the style of the bag are appropriate for the situation that you are in. Once you've taken care of those pieces, the rest of your focus can go toward choosing out your accessories. Selecting accessories can be a long process as you will want accessories that build upon your outfit but do not take away from your garments or the other statement pieces that you have on. For example, you may want to choose out a few small rings, a light necklace, or small earrings are perfect accessories to choose so that you add value to the outfit without taking too much away best outfit for first date your main items.

After all of these items have been thought out and put together, you will have successfully put together your own perfect first date outfit.

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Now it's up to you to go out there and dazzle your date. Coming up with your outfit for a first date can be difficult and while the steps above can certainly be helpful as you become more confident in picking out your outfit, having a few ideas on hand can go a long way when you are just dipping your toes into the water.

If you need some ideas to get you started, here are a few timeless outfit ideas that will help you with a first date in absolutely any setting. Dinner dates at nice restaurants will almost always require you to pick out a formal outfit.