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I am a well-educated, erudite, independent, successful, professional black man in my early 40's that has many interests and talents. My friends say I'm attractive and that I look younger for my age. You will find me equally comfortable in a jacket and tie or in jeans. I have many interests including nature, astronomy, art, cultural events,mostly any music, reading, and some sports. I love art and go to museums whenever I travel.


I like to do things with nature; hiking, and such. What do I have to offer? I work out several times a week and am in better shape than most men my age. I enjoy a variety of activities, have many interests, and like experiencing new things and places, so I doubt that I'll bore you.

I set high standards for myself, try to "do the right thing," and try to be honest, loyal, and caring. I am financially and emotionally stable, I believe I've earn my way all the way up and I'm respected by my friend and peers. What sort of woman am I looking for?

I would like to meet a woman similar to me.


She is probably bright, articulate, independent, educated, successful, attractive to me anywayand probably works out and has a lifestyle. I am independent and I get to do some cool things and go to some great places, but the sunset colors seem a little faded and the food in that Paris corner bistro just isn't quite as good without someone to share it with.

It's all about the chemistry. That special feeling we get when we meet that person for the first time and we don't want the day to end and can't wait for the next time we see them.


I still believe in love at first sight even though a lot of people downplay that. I think we can have it. I find a lot of times our brains and the situations and circumstances of the past come up to the surface and we talk ourselves out of that beautiful feeling that we initially had. That's the work we should have done on ourselves to keep that from happening.


I'm a man. The things that make a man tick are the very things I am looking for in a woman. A woman that knows men and knows what these things are.

Men are really very simple. We both know that it's those special things between a man and a woman is the glue that binds us together. We also know what destroys that. Some of us have done the work on ourselves to understand that and some haven't. I am open, honest, direct, loyal, trusting and trustworthy. I am fun, thinking and have been told, looking. I live a lifestyle and like the same. Highly excitable but low key. I am passionate about anything I do if I choose it.

To me it is not what I do but who I do it with. I'm curious, I take risks, I'm comfortable in any situation. Mundane things like chit chat bores me. I prefer deeper subjects. I question authority if it doesn't make sense to me.

I like a well dressed woman. A sense of style is important. Shoes and wrist watches are my weakI can poke around flea markets and garage sales all day. I experiment with new foods and drinks. I've stumbled on a couple of really good recipes and new drinks. PDA's are great especially when you can sneak those special ones in crowds without getting caught. I would rather try to fix something than go buy a new one so I've gotten handy with tools and figuring things out.

I like teasing but never write checks with my actions or my mouth that my butt can't or won't cash. To me life is too short and beautiful couples seeking casual sex greensboro is too much left to do and see to get caught up in useless drama. We are not looking to establish our personality, it's already what it is. Stop the power struggles and compromise, go with the flow and let things be what they are going to be. Lets not hide behind what we think we should be, just be who you are. Hot searching nsa Seeking a companion for a night out on the town.


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Here's what's going on: a girl I've been seeing off and on more on than off since has been a bit of challenge to understand. I don't mind being "friends" or whatever, but when I tried to distance myself from her a little and, unknown to her, venture further out on the dating scene she gets anxious, like she's trying to make sure that she and I remain in constant contact. Which is weird to me, because I'm almost always the one initiating contact through texts, etc.

Then I hear from her, first. On different occasions I deliberately broke contact with her, for a variety of reasons, just to have her "-" me down, so to speak.


Sorry, maybe I'm dense, but I don't get it. Why does she care? We're just friends, right? That seemed to bother this other girl this post is about SO much that she went on to look up my female -'s profile and picture, I'm sureand wanted me to a of me and her together on my FB so that everyone, including my, would it. One night, I was playing card with some dudes I know. It was loud and boisterous.

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So I didn't text her, I waited until I got home. I said sure. She eventually told me that its a book for drawing new converts and for people considering becoming members of her church.