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Jessie: In New Hampshire thinking about the familiar and the comforting. Lately, it seems as though so many things have changed, rearranged or morphed into something unfamiliar. I find myself considering how rituals are a balm or an irritant when conditions change. So Wickeds, I want to talk about rituals and routines this month.

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Gets me every time! Midway is a really intense haunt, and it's got the scares to go with it. It's also got such a wide variety of different kinds of scares that it's sure to find the one that gets to everyone at some point.

Also, the setting of a KOA campground is really the 12th man here as the trail le you deeper and deeper into the woods as you go, and the creepiness goes up awesome date 4 wicked along with it! The scares do throttle back a bit toward the end of the trail, but I do appreciate the complexity of the maze and the start of the haunt is so intense I always kind of appreciate the cool down effect a bit!


As I said before, there are a wide variety of environments along the way, and that means a lot of different kinds of monsters as well, and they were certainly up for the challenge. I'll be honest though, I docked points because of the queue line experience. Over the last few years that area has started to drift into a much angrier environment than it used to be.

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The hayride and insane clowns were always my favorite part of this haunt, but there's definite line between Triumph the Insult Comic Clown which is what you want and a guy who's just yelling at you while you're trapped there. You have to get way deep into the trail before you have your first walk without a monster on you, and those usually have a chainsaw or two waiting on you! There's just so much to see! Plus, Midway has the very best vortex, I think.

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The sets are so good here, I didn't even mind getting whacked in the face by a giant spider! I always feel like I've just finished a hike by the end of it. They really use their environment, and you really get deep in the woods around the campsite. Great length!


That's on the high side, but this is a really premier haunt. I think it's a terrific experience, so I'd still call it great value at that price. Midway is just one of the best. Relentless actors, beautiful de, perfect setting…it's got everything you're looking for in a haunted attraction.

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It's the perfect blend of old school and new school approaches to a spook trail, and I think they nailed it again! Definitely recommended! It all starts with a tractor ride to the haunt entrance which seems harmless at first. That is until it is bombarded by a crazy clown car and suddenly the awesome date 4 wicked is invaded by clowns.

These are not your average creepy clowns but super charged angry clowns that want to eat your soul. Luckily for me most of these clowns stay near the front of the trail. The remainder of the trail is nothing to be taken lightly though. You never really know what to expect walking through these woods. I got an unsettling feeling as I walked further and further down into the woods as I knew the Midway awesome date 4 wicked were waiting for me.

It's a dark, long, self guided trail with all of their old favorite scenes and many new ones. Midway doesn't rely on one source for its scares. They equally combine actors, props, animatronics, and nature to expose your fears. There were a couple actors here and there that didn't attempt a scare or simply achieved a pop scare and receded back into hiding but most actors very intensely stalked us.


They are in your face and invading your personal space kind of folks. If you show fear they will swarm to you and stick to you like glue. There will be no escaping their torture at this point. You've made them aware you are scared and now you are at their mercy.


They do not care if you scream, pee, cry or beg they will not let up. The clowns are brutal, sometimes to the extreme. Actor s were plenty and well spaced throughout the trail.


What I saw of their makeup and costumes looked impressive but I tried not to look at most of them for fear if I made eye contact they'd come for me. I can not stress enough how aggressive and in your face these guys are. They are there to scare you and they will give it all they've got to make that happen. With that said some of the things I saw have possibly been awesome date 4 wicked for years and I've just not seen them.

I keep my eyes closed and ears covered a lot because they scare the pee outta me. The clown cave always looks amazing, especially in 3D, and I don't recall seeing an actor in there in years past so that was an added surprise and scare.


Walking up to the gas station with a zombie outbreak in the middle of the woods was striking. The whole scene was so realistic and detailed. I had a hard time telling what was a prop, animatronic, mannequin, or a real actor.


They use a lot of decoys and awesome date 4 wicked works beautifully to confuse and disorient people. Animatronics don't simply pop out and scare you they attack you. One group member was trapped inside a giant spiders legs while the spider held onto his head. The maze is very dark and in years past could be followed by holding on to the walls but this year you just might get shocked if you try that little trick.

Watch out for squishy floors and falling walls. They've added a hellavator that is fun but needs a bit more power. The vortex, while not scary, is always a fun little ending to a long and terrifying trail. They offer special pricing for kids and have fast pass tickets available for an additional fee.

They offer concessions at the end of the trail.

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I didn't partake in the snacks but my friends had fried pickles, french fries, and from what I heard some pretty amazing fried oreos. Overall Impression: 4. The clowns will haunt me forever. This is not a trail for the faint of heart because they do not show mercy to the weak but prey on them. Being separated from my group was horrifying but luckily I have good friends who came back to find me. Whatever you do stick with your group otherwise you're own your own to find your way through the wicked woods.


Well you're not all alone. There are plenty of monsters, creatures, and don't forget clowns to keep you company. We were sent through in a small group of three so we had a lot of actor interaction and were able to see all the props with ease. Smaller groups always improve the scares.


Visiting Midway Wicked Woods has always been a tradition for our group. They continue to put on a good show and this year was no different. Their goal is to scare the hell out of you and that's exactly what they did. The innocent looking hayride introduces you to the devious looking clown car The first house is the most intense section of scares of the attraction.

Actors seem to materialize from anywhere and everywhere and props are triggered left and right.

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Scares continue at a high level through the movie cinema set. The scare factor dips, just a tad, on the outdoor trail. I found a few actors who just couldn't sell the awesome date 4 wicked and settled for screaming or a pop scare with no follow through. A very solid scare, however, has been added to the 3D area as well as in between the maze and the vortex.

The hayride assault clown squad is excellent- they cause mayhem with the best of them and make sure that all riders get a little face time The upper queue line actors are a bit lacking this year.