Automatic project management in less than 15 minutes with logic app

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Long title, and a little off the actual purpose of this blog, however as technology evolves and Microsoft is continuing their efforts in the integration space, these technologies will go hand in hand for a long time, some will move to one, and some will still utilize both. let me talk about the current project we had using Logic App in AzureAs an organization running, supporting and maintaining IT systems and projects for multiple companies. Ensuring we have a good overview of the on-going projects and following the same baseline and execution across the projects; is vital for success, transparency and digital wins.

We had an initial SharePoint list covering all our projects with only “need to know” information, meaning that we did not include and official end date for the project, remaining work etc. We rather included elements like the title, internal work-order/PO, reference to see if the project was approved and the project owner. Based on these values the logic app would act different based on the status.

logic app run history

This used to require a manual workflow to create the tasks and features in Visual Studio Online, teams channel, SharePoint directories, all based on information from the project master list. We needed information from procurement as well as finance to be able to start the project, all these elements were done manually over mail. When the project was set in closing state we informed finance to invoice the customer manually. A task that could A: take a long time to complete and B: forgotten or delayed

With Logic Apps we manage to take all those manual routines out and automate them 100%

  • Fully automate it without writing any code
  • All completed in less than 15 minutes.

logic app

It will now notifies all involved personell in the process during the right steps, automatically creates Visual Studio work items as well as required Teams Channel and directories in SharePoint.

To learn more about Logic App take a look here.

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