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About me

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Whenever I look back at my childhood, there's always one word that comes to mind - Football. You could bet that whenever it wasn't dark, I'd be knocking on my mates doors asking if they wanted a kickabout on the old college fields. If no-one would come out to play, I'd entertain myself with the "kick-master" or shooting a football against a wall. Think of any football game in the 90's and there's a I was even mascot for Stoke one day on a trip to Bolton's old ground - Burnden Park.

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I'll always remember Bolton's skipper at the time Jason McAteer flirting with my mum as the players lined up to go out. For years, I'd write down statistics for players for just about anything. I'd tally up the amount of goals they'd scored for each club, write down where they were born and the different teams they'd played for. During my sessions on Championship Manager, I'd get a sheet of A4 and keep track of appearances, goals, assists, man of the match awards and bookings that alfreton s mom flirt players had picked up. I'd even go as far as persuading my mates to my own fantasy football league where I'd personally run as valuations to players, organise transfers and work out the total scores.

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Whenever people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer would be the same. All throughout my infant, junior and even the early days of high school, there was just one thing in my head - "A footballer!

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Yet as I grew older, so did the realisation that being a footballer would never alfreton s mom flirt. Even when I started to play Sunday league football for "Betley Colts", I knew that I would never get the attention of any scouts despite winning awards each season. So as the dream faded, I carried on ploughing my way through high school, earned decent GCSE's and I grew out of all the habits I had as. Especially when I discovered women! But one day, all that changed Despite all this, I never saw myself as an Alfreton s mom flirt geek and still had a love for football.

I was also still playing football, of course. Betley Colts had long since been abandoned but I soon ed the village side - Madeley White Star where unfortunately, I couldn't seem to cement a starting place in the side.

The manager of White Star at the time would often name me on the bench, preferring to select older l as I was still only a teenager at the time and wasn't enough of a physical player for him. I'd also bought a season ticket at Stoke to see them take on their then second division opponents at the Britannia Stadium. By now, we were under the control of Icelandics Icelanders as most Stokies called them and were being managed by Gudjon Thordarson who had a horrible habit of playing at home.

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Nevertheless, I was still going to support my hometown club and we did get to see some decent players in the shape of Peter Hoekstra, Sergei Shtaniuk and Brynjar Gunnarsson. I'd played every version since but this was truly the best. CM4 had just been released but I absolutely detested it. It was also a game that was very popular with my friends, in particular a cousin of mine who was just as football mad as me. It was during one of our "CM, Pro Evo and tinnies nights" where we started to compare our careers in the game.

He ranked bringing European football to Plymouth as one of his favourite games while I classed taking Barnet from the Conference level to the Premiership whilst ing ageing stars such as Edgar Davids along the way as my most successful project. As the ale began to flow that night, so did our ridiculousness as we took things further by compiling alfreton s mom flirt achievements into curriculum vitaes.

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Then when the darkness outside was beginning to fade in the early hours of the morning, it went even further as we started to our aforementioned CV's to various football clubs in England. After finally passing out and sleeping for hours, we woke up the next day with no memory of such events and carried on our lives as normal albeit with one heavy hangover.

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Around a month later, it was whilst pondering over which subjects to study at Keele where I received a very random phone call. To this day, I still didn't know why they were calling me or how they had even got my.

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Nevertheless, I answered the phone in a manner which was the trend at the time thanks to the Budweiser adverts on the TV. Pardon me. Is this Mark Henderson?

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Anyway, yes. This is Mark. Henderson, I am calling on behalf of my chairman. We wish for you to come to Alfreton for an interview. In Alfreton? But that's like a thousand miles away! It only an hour away from you. Sorry, I'm shit at geography and all that jazz. Erm, OK. When is the interview? I'll have to see if I can borrow the car for it. We'll be waiting for you at The Impact Arena at 11am sharp!

Right, OK. Thanks very much, I'll see you tomorrow then.

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What the heck just happened then? Who the feck is Sean Egan and why is he calling me? What the hell is the Impact Arena?! All I could think of was that it must be for some sort of apprenticeship in IT. I'd submitted a CV after I finished college through one of those sites that send it on to anyone involved in the IT industry. So logic told me that it must be something to do with that. Anyway, I had more pressing issues to worry about. I hadn't yet got my own car having only passd my test a few months earlier and was currently on my mum's insurance for her Skoda Fabia.

Alfreton s mom flirt know what, Skoda really does get a bad rep. But I quite liked driving the Fabia, it's a proper nippy little buggar.

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Since Volkswagon took them over, they've rebuilt the company really. So that was that sorted.

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The other thing is what to wear I didn't have a suit so decided I'd just wear a shirt, tie and trousers. It was just as well that it was Summer time as it'd be warm enough with a jacket so I reckon I could pull it off. I was up at 7am the next day with plenty of time to get myself ready.

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After rehearsing several possible IT related questions, I gathered all of my certificates together with my CV, grabbed my latest CD alfreton s mom flirt of top tunes and got into the Fabia to make my way to Alfreton. McAteer :D I see alfreton s mom flirt taking his children to school by ours, I'll have to ask him about it! Best of luck in the interview, I'm confident you'll get it!

Fortunately, I'd asked my cousin to tag along with the idea of having a couple of pints and a look around Alfreton after the interview. So we were soon back enroute to Alfreton thanks to Lee printing out directions from AA as neither of us owned a sat-nav. After about an hour, just as Sean Egan had said, we had arrived at Alfreton. But where I was expecting to see The Impact Arena as a warehouse or an office building, I was greeted with the sight of something completely different.

Are we at the right place? It turned out that my cousin had indeed directed us to the right place for we spotted a man coming out of reception and approach us in the car. I switched the engine off and got out of the car as he came near us. I'm Sean, I'm pleased to see that you have made it here.

Nice car!

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I wasn't quite sure if alfreton s mom flirt is the place It is the right place, come on now! I quickly turned around to wave goodbye to Lee who gave me a thumbs up and then followed Sean into The Impact Arena. As I followed Sean through the ground, I could see people out on the pitch.

They were training and I wondered if it was Alfreton's team although I knew absolutely nothing about them, what league they were in or even who played for them. I did think that Louis Moult was on loan from Stoke there though and that his brother Jake Moult was also there. They both went to the same high school as myself and my cousin in Madeley. While I was daydreaming, I realised that Sean had stopped outside an office.

A very tatty looking old office!