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On the 3D level we have been given advice about actions to take such as social distancing, wearing masks and staying at home to protect ourselves and others. There are foods and nutritional supplements that help to enhance immune function. Exercise and breathing techniques build our energy. All of these actions have proved to be useful.

Recently, vaccines and some therapeutic interventions have become available for those of us wishing to avail ourselves of these opportunities. Practitioners and recipients of energetic medicine have provided and received the benefits of Acutonics, acupuncture, Reiki, chiropractic, massage and other therapies once we were permitted to access them.

As practitioners many of us have also worked from a distance to connect with the energy fields of our clients to affect changes in physical manifestations.

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All of the interventions we have been employing are connecting mostly at the physical particle level. I have come to believe that the virus has become embedded in the Unified Field and that this contributes to its virulence, to the mutations that continue to impact its progression and to the persistence that it has exhibited for so many of us.

Retuning the field

In discussions with colleagues I am finding that many others have also arrived at this belief. Covid 19 has an extraordinarily strong morphic field. This field has been strengthened and reinforced by every person that has contracted the virus, every practitioner that has treated patients, every family member or friend of adult seeking sex tonight trementina newmexico 88439 victim of the virus, all of the news reports, all of the fear and anxiety, frustration and divisiveness, all of the focus that the virus has been given at multiple levels of consciousness and in multiple dimensions.

Everything exists in the Field before it manifests in physical reality. This means that to change the physical reality we must alter the Field. In this frequency-based universe, that means we must shift the balance and intensity of the frequencies being expressed in the Field so that it no longer resonates with the frequencies of the morphic field of Covid. In effect we would create dissonance with the field that supports the virus. As practitioners of work that transforms the expression of cosmic frequencies, we are uniquely qualified to meet this challenge.

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I propose that we take this on as a community. My suggestion is that we choose a day and time to open a portal in time-space and that we use our forks, chimes and gongs to shift the frequencies in the Unified Field. In the dimension of time-space, time is not linear. It is more spherical. We could choose a time, for example noon on Mondays, and open a nodal point that connects to the intersection in the sphere of time that corresponds to that time everywhere Then we sound our frequencies, and it would not matter the 3D time because we would all be touching the same nodal point in limitless time.

We could drop into limitless heart space and use the frequencies that we are inspired to access to shift the resonance. There are lots of possibilities depending on the aspect or expression of the morphic field you are tracking, but if we are all tracking and shifting the field in the same nodal point simultaneously we have great power. If we are consistent I believe that we can meet this virus in the dimension that holds its pattern in place, and we will be able to change the resonance. February 12, is adult seeking sex tonight trementina newmexico 88439 beginning of Lunar New Year, this year we celebrate the Metal Ox, the second in the Zodiacal wheel.


According to myth, the Jade Emperor established the order of the zodiacal animals based on when they arrived at his party. The Ox was in the lead, but kind-hearted in nature, gave Rat a ride on his back. As soon as they arrived at the party, Rat jumped down becoming the first animal in the zodiac, and Ox was second.

The Ox is highly valued in Asian culture, represented in religion, art, literature and popular culture for centuries. In Korea the Ox is portrayed as very altruistic, diligent and loyal. The Ox is sacred in many world religions including Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism, where there is strong respect for the lives of animals as well as beliefs that violence of any kind is wrong. In Zoroastrianism the spirt of the cow is associated with the soul of the Earth. In Buddhism the Ox is said to represent Buddha nature, that it is possible for anyone to achieve enlightenment. In Japan the Ox is venerated in Shintoism and can be found in Tenmangu shrines, dedicated to the spirit of Sugawara or Michizane, the god of academics, who also has a relationship to health and wellbeing, that likely arises from a belief that cows have the power to cure disease.

The Ox is grounded, gentle, trustworthy, intelligent, realistic and reliable, not afraid to engage in hard work, does not expect praise for their dedication, they will endure without complaint. A Metal Ox year is a time to consolidate, gain flexibility, and strength and to set realistic goals. To stay balanced focus on creating healthy boundaries and structures in your life that support your adult seeking sex tonight trementina newmexico 88439 momentum and ability to find joy in your work and home life. This is an excellent time to focus on completing things that we may have begun in the tumult of but were unable to finish.

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This is also an opportunity to reconstruct or rebuild from a more holistic and grounded place. Think about what you might want to let go of; are there actions you want to take that would simplify your life and nourish you in adult seeking sex tonight trementina newmexico 88439 ways. Remember that Metal rules the lungs and is associated with the emotion of grief. A Metal Ox year is a time to envision new pathways that allow us to let go of deep grief and to set new roots that help us to grow and thrive.

In the current climate of uncertainty and upheaval, the ability to trust and allow the flow of the universe to provide inspiration for movement beyond the experience of outer reality has been extraordinarily challenging. This sometimes manifests clearly as fear but often as a kind of hypervigilance or an exaggerated need for control.

We emphasize the importance of the Kidneys a lot in Acutonics courses as the foundation for our core energy, sort of like a battery pack. The Kidneys are not just the foundation of the energy that powers the physical functions of the body. The spirit of the Kidney, the Zhi, provides the power of our life force, or our will to grow.

Living in heart space

It provides us the ability to face our fears and to move forward in our lives. The Zhi supports the drive to thrive and our will to BE. The kidney spirit supports the Shen spirit of the heart and provides a springboard for the Shen to extend into the expanse of our heart field. When the heart spirit is supported and grounded by the Zhi it in a sense of equilibrium, wisdom and confidence.

This is the matrix that nurtures trust. It engenders a knowing that the universe is infinitely adult seeking sex tonight trementina newmexico 88439 and generous and that our natural state is one of connection and well-being. Feelings of fear, anxiety and distrust are indications of decreased resonance with the vibrations of the Zhi and the Shen, related to imbalances of the energy of the kidney and heart. As practitioners of Acutonics we can offer our clients a direct experience of vibrational resonance with these manifestations of spirit and a sense of deeply rooted expansiveness.

Here are some suggestions to add to your treatments for enhancing the relationship of the Kidney and the Heart to support the Zhi and the Shen:. The Du Mai supports the Kidneys and relates to the Root Chakra, which is the foundation for the sense of rooting and stability to enhance our sense of security.

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Ren 17, Chest Center is the location of the Heart Chakra. HT 7, Spirit Gate is the source point on the Heart meridian and opens the beauty of the spirit. It opens the gate to nourish warmth and love and brings security and stability to the inner feelings of the heart.

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They bring together the Zhi and the Shen. We are in the time of transition from the dwindling energy of Autumn to Winter, the cycle of the water element when our energy draws inward. The spirit of the Kidney and the water element is the Zhi that reside in the most hidden parts of our body.

The Zhi spirits connect us to the collective unconscious, where we are aware of our infinite nature. The Zhi is the yin fire, the embers that ignite the spark of connection to our destiny.

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The Zhi dwell in the dimension known in Vedic philosophy as Karma, the unconscious forces and collective energies that influence the course of our lives. In this year, this particular nodal point in the spiral, the Zhi energies are particularly potent. We are acutely aware of the importance of rekindling and reconnecting to the spark of our individual destinies and to the destiny of the collective. Our experience of the flow and interconnectivity of the Unified Field is extraordinarily powerful.

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This is a time to nourish and amplify the influence of the Zhi spirits. The Acutonics frequencies of Pluto, Chiron, Nibiru and Sedna are especially useful for connection to and sustenance of the Zhi. Pluto allows access to the deep realms that are the residence of the Zhi spirits. Chiron provides healing energy and a bridge to new connections to our destiny and Nibiru creates the matrix for expression of that destiny.

Sedna connects to unity and non-duality and the infinite potential of the Unified Field. The new addition to our Acutonics frequencies, Hygiea, provides energy of multidimensional integration when combined with other forks. We are living in a time of great challenge when it is important to remember and reconnect with our Zhi, our destiny as individuals and as expressions of the One. We have exceptional tools to assist us in meeting this challenge.

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We are Becoming. Ground yourself with Ohm Unison listening and on Kidney 1. If you have 2 Low Ohmslisten and ground with those as well. If you have Mercuryadd that for its affinity with the Lung and help with clearing toxins. Adult seeking sex tonight trementina newmexico 88439 on same points above and if the air is truly hideous, with all kinds of particulates, put on your masks the kind that filter out particles! Ground with Ohmfor you, for your neighbors, for all those who have been torn from their homes.

Katie Mink and Laurie Herron are senior d Acutonics faculty, they offer the full Acutonics curriculum through Westcoast Acutonics, now teaching classes live online. They can be reached at www. The Earth element is associated with the physical experience of our bodies, the way we perceive the world through our senses and our thoughts.

Being grounded into the depths of Mother Earth gives us the ability to consolidate the more etheric vibratory forms so we can connect with them on a three-dimensional level. We bring our thoughts into being.

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Think about all that the energy of the Earth is busy creating, both on and under its mantle. Consider the action of the roots that feed the plants and bind the structure of the soil into solid form. Envision the billions of creatures, bacteria, mosses and fungi all enlivened and coordinated by the energetic efforts of the Earth.

There is unlimited power for creation and harmony that we connect to when we become more aware of the magic of the Earth. The spirits of the Earth element are the Yi. These are the spirits that empower our intentions and provide the energy of consolidation that supports the matrix for manifestation into 3D reality.

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The Yi are the supporting spirits of reality creation and the ability to realize our dreams. To connect to and activate our vision from the unified field, sound the HF Jupiter and HF Sun 1 over the solar plexus and heart chakras, to empower manifestations of our intentions and desires. Jude Ponton, D.