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The micropulse separation is 7 nsec which allows a of relaxation phenomenon to be observed. Lehrman, I. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Performance parameters and operational schemes will be extracted by analyzing available data from two specific science flights flown by the Global Hawk back in The key performance parameters derived from individual flights will be confirmed by performing a wider statistical validation with additional flight trajectories.


Derived data are exploited to validate a simulated RQ-4A vehicle employed in extensive real-time air traffic management simulated integration exercises and to complement the development of a future RQ-4A trajectory predictor. To meet lander requirements, several technical challenges need to be overcome, one of which is the ability for the descent engine s to operate over a deep throttle range with cryogenic propellants.

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The TR program has completed two series of pintle injector testing. The first series of testing used ablative thrust chambers and demonstrated igniter operation as well as stable performance at discrete points throughout the deed throttle range. The second series was conducted with calorimeter chambers and demonstrated injector performance at discrete adult seeking nsa vendor arkansas 72683 throughout the throttle range as well as chamber heat flow adequate to power an expander cycle de across the throttle range.

This paper provides an overview of the TR program, describing the different phases and key milestones. It describes how test data was correlated to the engine conceptual de. The test data obtained has created a valuable database for deep throttling cryogenic pintle technology, a technology that is readily scalable in thrust level.

To meet Altair requirements, several technical challenges need to be overcome, one of which is the ability for the lunar descent engine s to operate over a deep throttle range with cryogenic propellants. The TR program has completed two phases of pintle injector testing. The first phase of testing used ablative thrust chambers and demonstrated igniter operation as well as stable performance at several power levels across the deed throttle range.


This paper provides an overview of the TR program. It describes the different phases of the program with the key milestones of each phase. It then shows when those milestones were met. Next, it describes how the test data was used to update the conceptual de and how the test data has created a database for deep throttling cryogenic pintle technology that is readily scaleable and can be used to again update the de once the Altair program's requirements are firm. The final section of the paper describes the path forward, which includes. An overview of the administrative and operational aspects of decommissioning and dismantling the Northrop Mark F TRIGA Reactor, including: planning and preparation, personnel requirements, government interfacing, costs, contractor negotiations, fuel shipments, demolition, disposal of adult seeking nsa vendor arkansas 72683 level waste, final survey and disposition of the concrete biological shielding.

Grumman OV-1C in hangar. NASA deed and built an automated stall-speed warning system which presented both airspeed and stall speed to the pilot.

Visual indication of impending stall would be displayed to the pilot as a cursor or pointer located on a conventional airspeed indicator. In addition, an aural warning at predetermined stall margins was presented to the pilot through a voice synthesizer. The Mohawk was retired from service in September Grumman OV-1C in flight. Automated x-ray inspection of composites at northrop aircraft. Originally, the program was supported completely by Northrop internal finding.

Currently the AXIS is in the last stage of development with final integration expected by the end of July and production implementation by the end of the year. This paper briefly describes the equipment, and operation of the AXIS. Slides will be presented at the conference which will further illustrate the system; including inspection. The Grumman developed Electromagnetic Suspension EMS Maglev system has the following key characteristics: a large operating airgap mm; levitation at all speeds; both high speed and low speed applications; no deleterious effects on SC coils at low vehicle speeds; low magnetic field at the SC coil--less than 0.

The EMS Maglev described in this paper does not require development of any new technologies.

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The system could be built with the existing SC magnet technology. Emittance measurements in Grumman 1 MeV beamline. The emittance of a 30 keV H - beam has been measured with an Allison type electrostatic analyser at two positions separated by 85 cm along the Grumman 1 MeV beamline LEBT at low currents about 4 mA, no Cs 2 O additive in the source and at higher currents mA, with Cs 2 O additive in the source.

Argon was then introduced up to a partial pressure of 4x10 -5 torr, and the emittance decreased back to a range corresponding to that found at the lower currents. The gun will be capable of producing short A after compression and a total bunch charge in excess of 3 nC. Two individually phased waveguides are used to power the first two and final two cells. Author 10 refs. The gray adult seeking nsa vendor arkansas 72683 of each bar represents what has been achieved.

The unshaded portion represents what remains to be accomplished to meet WashingtonDC, The investigation included erect and inverted spins, a range of center-of- gravity locations and moments of inertia, symmetric and asymmetric store loadings, and a determination of the parachute size required for emergency spin recovery. The effects of increased elevator trailing-edge-up deflections, of leading-edge and trailing-edge flap deflections, and of simulating the geometry of large external stores were also determined. The primary development goals were to de a Maglev that is safe, reliable, environmentally acceptable, and low-cost.


The de is based on the electromagnetic suspension EMS system using superconducting iron-core magnets mounted along both sides of the vehicle. The EMS system has several advantages compared to the electrodynamic suspension EDS Maglev systems such as low stray magnetic fields in the passenger cabin and the surrounding areas, uniform load distribution along the full length of the vehicle, and small pole pitch for smoother propulsion and ride comfort.

It is also levitated at all speeds and incorporates a wrap-around de of safer operation. The Grumman de has all the advantages of an EMS system identified above, while eliminating or ificantly improving drawbacks associated with normal magnet powered EMS systems. Improvements include larger gap clearance, lighter weight, lower of control servos, and higher off line switching speeds. The de also incorporates vehicle tilt plus or minus 9 deg for higher coordinated turn and turn out speed capability.


Washington Conference. It was the ninth in the series of meetings organized in the USA which differ from the 'International' meetings in their coverage of the full range of accelerator engineering and technology, including applications outside e field of high energy physics.

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The Conference took place under the cloud of further budget cuts for Fiscal Year in the USA which the Department of Energy has applied in line with the financial policy of the new administration. Coming on top of many years of budget trimming which have reduced the of high energy physics Laboratories funded by the DOE to three Brookhaven, Fermilab, Stanford - Cornell is funded by the National Science Foundation and reduced the exploitation of these Laboratories to less than half of adult seeking nsa vendor arkansas 72683 potential, the new cuts did not exactly help to boost morale.

Nevertheless, the huge amount of tailed work in accelerator physics and technology which was presented at the Conference showed how alive the field is. The triumph and decline of the "squares": Grumman Aerospace engineers and production workers in the Apollo era, This dissertation is a social, cultural, and economic history of the men and women of the Grumman Aerospace Company of Beth, New York from through These "Grummanites" were the engineers and production workers who deed and built the Apollo Lunar Modules that allowed humans to land on the Moon.

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This study provides unique insights into the impact that the Apollo Programa large state-initiated and -supported programhad on those "squares," people whom many contemporaries saw as a vital part of mainstream s American society. By the beginning of the Space Age inGrummanLong Island's single largest employer, had firmly established a workplace culture of paternalism that Grummanites largely embraced.

Company officials believed strongly in worker retention and had established a policy of providing every sort of benefit their employees seemingly desired, including a highly personal and participatory form of management.


Many Grummanites had ed the firm during the early years of the Apollo Program because they believed in the promise of permanent employment on exciting projects that would explore the endless frontier of space. But, as many of these mainly self-reliant, individualistic "squares" would bitterly discover, their dedication to Grumman did little to secure their livelihoods during the aerospace industry's early s downsizing; their individual successes were too largely tied to federal spending and declined when Americans grew disenchanted with space exploration.

This dissertation demonstrates how the cultural bond of paternalism between aerospace workers and their company unraveled in the s, and then ended in the early s, because of forces within the company, the economy, and the American state. The word "triumph" in this study's title not only applies to Grummanites' triumphs with the Lunar Modules, but also their individual socioeconomic adult seeking nsa vendor arkansas 72683. The term "decline" refers to the early s downsizing of more.

University of Washington. Utilizing L Garde s next-generation stretched aluminum inflatable rigidizable tube technology, and Northrop Grumman s new polymer coverglass photovoltaic cell technology, power densities as high TED No. The model was tested in both the submerged and planing conditions over a range of trim, speed, and load sufficiently large to represent the most probable full-size conditions. Recent developments: Washington focus. November was a quiet month in Washington. Although Congress has recessed untilthe Senate filled vacancies in party leadership positions created by November's elections.

The House is expected to proceed with its changes in early December.


Washington State Biofuels Industry Development. The funding from this research grant enabled us to de, renovate, and equip laboratories to support University of Washington biofuels research program. The research that is being done with the equipment from this grant will facilitate the establishment of a biofuels industry in the Pacific Northwest and enable the University of Washington to launch a substantial biofuels and bio-based product research program. obtained to date are presented herein.


Test indicate that it may be difficult to obtain an erect or inverted spin on the airplane, but, if a spin is obtained, the spin will be very oscillatory and recovery from the developed erect spin by rudder reversal may not be adult seeking nsa vendor arkansas 72683. The lateral controls will have no appreciable effect on recoveries from erect. Recovery from the inverted spin by merely neutralizing the rudder will be satisfactory. After recoveries by rudder reversal and after recoveries from spins without control movement no spinsthe model oftentimes rolled very rapidly about the X-axis.

Based on limited preliminary tests made in this investigation to make the model recover satisfactorily, it appears that canards near the nose of the airplane or differentially operated horizontal tails may be utilized to provide rapid recoveries.

The parachute test indicate that an foot-diameter laid-out-flat parachute with a drag coefficient of 0. NACA A series of flight tests have been made at the Langley Flight Research Division at the request of the Bureau of Aeronautics, Department of the Navy, to determine the flying qualities of the Grumman F8F-1 air- plane.