My name is Tord Glad Nordahl, I’m a former Program Manager working with BizTalk and Logic Apps for Microsoft, I am currently Chief Digital Officer for Marin IT, prior to this I was Awarded Microsoft Integration MVP in 2013 and 2014. I’ve been working with integration for over 11 years and have passion for it’s scalability and to the many uses.

During the years I have gathered a lot of information by reading books, blogs and by gaining experience while working.

If you need my assistance feel free to contact me either by mail or phone

Tord Glad Nordahl
  • Adam

    Hey Tord – i just emailed you about an issue i’ve seen, hopefully you can help point me in the right direction.

    I enjoy reading your stuff – very helpful.

    • Tord Glad Nordahl

      Oh, I get so many emails, I hope I managed to respond to you, if not send me a mail again.. 😉

  • Lalita

    Hi, I have a query regarding biztalk deployment. We have biztalk 2010 environment where a common biztalk solution is present where all common schema, pipeline and etc are deployment. We have other around 20 biztalk application which is dependent on common biztalk solution. Now there a change in existing dll (schema dll) which is already present in common biztalk application. And we need to deployment of 2 new biztalk appliation which is again dependent on biztalk common application. My question here is how can we do deployment in this scenario without taking any downtime.
    Thanks in advance…Lalita

    • Tord Glad Nordahl

      Versioning of the new file can make the old run smooth on an old version of the DLL